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Default Re: Nvidia support for Xen

I tried to use the NVIDIA driver 270.41.06 together with Opensuse 11.4 and XEN.
My graphics card is a 9800 GTX+.

I followed this procedure

init 3
cd Directory_With_Nvidia_Driver
export IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE=1 SYSSRC=/usr/src/linux- SYSOUT=/usr/src/linux-

sh ./

The compilation etc. worked quite well and after "init 5" I got a perfectly working graphical X11/KDE 4.6 environment - as for the standard kernel.

However, for the XEN kernel there is an annoying side effect:

The text consoles tty1 to tty6 and tty10 do not work any more after init 5 . Meaning that by using CTRL ALT Fx I only get a black screen for the ttyx. But with CTRL ALT F7 I can return to the graphical environment.

Any ideas what I could do or try to get the switch to the ttys working?
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