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Originally posted by -=DVS=-
Yeah big sales doesn't make games great so i disagree to Morrow's opinion.
I wasn't baseing my opinion on whether it sells well or not. I was baseing my opinion on whether I liked it or not (and many of my friends) AND if the game was also doing well at the boxoffice.

Again, my point was not to prove that PoP or XIII are super mega hits but rather to say that the current year has not been all bad like some people like to believe.

I really can't understand why people are saying that MP2 is bad game because it's short. I prerfer any day a short great game over a long boring game.

Originally posted by -=DVS=-
Makes you miss old days when devs concentrated on story and lots of hours of play not advertisement bussines hype alot make sales and forget
Those days are numbered for sure and it has actually nothing to do with spending more or less on advertising but rather that the developping time of maps and models has increased over the time due to the always better getting graphicengines which require more work to produce better looking levels.

This trend is unfortunately not going to stop and only some developping studios which have the money and the time are able to produce above average long games... like Id or Valve.
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