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Default Re: ECS K7S5A SiS 735 on NewEgg a good deal ($53)?

Originally posted by ragejg
Are there stability probs with this mobo, being dual RAM channel?
Yes, it's pretty fickle on RAM but if use Crucial PC 2100 DDR or PC133 SDRAM, you should be fine. Do not use PC 2700 or higher DDR as it doesn't really like it.

Does it have bad OC potential?
Yes. This is NOT an overclocker's board. You can tell from the price. It might overclock a little, but it's not worth it.

Is this the chipset that shared the crown with AMD 760 only to be bested by KT266A last year?
It buried the AMD 760, the ALi Magic1, and the KT266. VIA couldn't beat it until they released the KT266 A chipset.

Would this be a good deal for him? I'm selling the 900 to him for $20. Or my TBird 1.3 for 40.
Damn good deal. He might have better luck with the 900 on this board as the ECS K7S5A can be fickle with certain T-birds. But, she loves the AthlonXP.

If you have any problems with this board, there's a ton of experianced folks at's ECS forum to help you out.
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