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Originally posted by Nephilim
You must not have liked any of the other Thief games then eh? Warren was responsible for both of those...and Deus Ex I, if I am not mistaken. He was not responsible, however, for Deus Ex II.
Yup, you got that right. I have Thief 1/Gold/2, played all the missions (FM's that is, up to Hellerhouse) and yeah i really hate Thief. You can say that from my avatar as well.
Warren's position has still been basically the same. He is the boss at ISA, he has the final say, every design decision has been approved by him. He could veto anything he wanted in DE2 yet he didn't. He's still pulling the strings, not the Smith brothers (and they're not brothers btw). I have no doubt that he knows what/how to make a thief game. A company's a company though and if he has to take commercial decisions (sell out to the xbox) for the benefit of ISA, i can understand. I do not approve however.

Whether he was "forced" to do what he did with DE2 or not, i don't care. I'm harsh on the sequel, because a) it is developed by the same studio, they know exactly what to do b) he talked tough for months and months, hyped the game too much, promised too much, raised gamers expectations only to come up with a shadow of the previous game c) a sequel should always be compared to the original NOT seen as an individual game. Maybe you should have a better look at his IGN interview. His stance is worrying for Thief III (which he has already changed to Thief so that Xboxers won't see it as a sequel, they did the same to Invisible war in case you didn't notice). I saw it in E3 and they had it on a PC fitted with an Xbox controller. If that doens't tell you a thing, have a look at the demo/full version of IW. Hope you are good with editing. If he plans, for the sake of money/Xbox/you name it to **** up the most original game franchise of all time, as he did with IW, then he should do it, just use another name/characters. In short, what you failed to notice was that i'm worried about Thief III being (consiously) boutchered like Deus for the sake of more potential byers/crappy console. Obviously you are too confident they won't. Perhaps, you are quite satisfied with what you saw in IW then?
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