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I'm 99% sure it's another hardware/software problem totaly independant of the video card. This is better news for my R 8500 also since there's probably not a thing wrong with it but I definatly am seeing a performance difference and the upgrade was overdue. Hehe, even the errors look better rendered. The next piece of hardware I get will definatly be an nForce 2 mobo and probably Abit. Will be a while before I buy another Asus (Asoose) product though so I'm going with Abit. Asus is more consistant with quality but there customer support does in fact suck as some of you may have read on the net ie: Anand. I was on hold with Asus long distance for 26 minutes then some dood gets on and asks my phone number and says they'll call me and I waited all day and never a call - f*** them. VIA chipsets are getting better (performance wise at least) I hear but nowhere near as good as nForce - lots of problems VIA. I use an Asus A7M266 right now, bought it when it came out... my computer was high tech and state of the art back then but it's gray haired and shaggy now. I would have posted my system setup in signature but been sort of ashamed - lol!
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