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No, i think its a misunderdanding here. There's nothing wrong with Spector's abilities. BUT, whatever the team did for IW, he still had the final say. He could veto the absense of leaning for example, or the absense of quicksaving (which we will get in the forthcoming patch) either, but he didn't. These are weird and risky decisions. The thing is, how difficult is it to have them (Hell, the old one had them by default)? They've said that all these details didn't make the original a success. Fine, but what sort of freedom of choice do i have (in a game that is synonymous with player freedom) here? Implement leaning, and if i don't like it, i won't use it. Same goes for quicksaving, hacking abilities etc.

Reminds me of Mafia's Daniel Vavra quote: "the player won't be able to save in the middle of the mission so that he will not have a save/progress/save/progress sequence which interrupts the fluidity and fun of the game". I say bollocks. Have the save option and whoever likes sm can try and play the whole game without saving at all ffs.

Nephilim, the game does not suck ass. That is the worst thing with it. In the core of it, there is still a Deus Ex game but you have to be a hell of a diver to go down there and find it. IMO that makes it worse. If they had totally screwed up everything in it, it would be OK (sort off). But there's still a good story, moral decisions for the player that alter the game a bit, good graphics (np on my case at least) but other than that, its stripped down and not polished at all. I hope it doesn't meet their expectations so that they may be forced to alter some design choices for the future.

Friendly advice: do what i do with sequels. Play the original first, then go to the sequel. Also, read the IW diaries and notice how much Warren Spector has become a shameless/contradictory salesman/ass kisser of his game. After the fracas with the demo he said "you guys go buy the game, then judge whether its good or not". After ISA fixed nothing for the final release he then said "do me a favor and download the patch first, then judge the game". Heh, if the patch doesn't solve anything what are the chances of him coming out and say "OK, OK, but do me a second favor and wait for GOTY (yeah right!) edition first, then judge it. Oh i forgot, available on Xbox only"

It goes without saying that that's my personal opinion after playing the game right after the original one. I'm frustrated that this half-arsed game bears the name of a game that was very good. When the price drops to half, buy it. Until then, the trio stooges of short gaming is 1)MP2 2)IW 3)NOLF: Contrack Jack. Whoever got those 3 when they hit the stores, can join the club of idiots (btw i'm the honorary president ) Any other members?
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