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Default Quadro 3700, Mplayer 33356 failed to find VDPAU

Hi all,

I was struggling for several days trying to have VDPAU work for my pairs of Quadro 3700. I have updated to the latest NVIDIA drivers, 270.41.06, and updated mplayer version to (probably) the lastest 33356. When I run in command line mplayer -vo vdpau ..., it saids "Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device".

I understand that for recent versions of mplayer, vdpau is auto detected, but it seems like this option doesn't help in my case. I mean, compare with using, for example, -vo x11, the decoding process does not faster. I doubt that my Quadro 3700 is pretty old, thus it is not capable of VDPAU video acceleration but I'm not sure, well, it is the Quadro!

So any commend, advice, help is really appreciated. Thank you.

BTW, I'm running OpenSUSE 10.2
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