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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by TheANIMAL View Post
True that.

Using maths and mixing it with reality is usually where i fall down.

keep in mind that there's still other factors coming into it as well, such as the amount of room needed for the connections between each transistor, and how many vertical layers will be used as well(think of them as individual floors of a building), and the number of vias used as well(used to connect the individual layers vertically)...

The largest one of all is the gate portion of the transistor, wich allows the transistor to turn on or off and is the fundamental requirement to create a logic circuit between several transistors, and as the entire transistor gets smaller and smaller with each fabrication process reduction, the gate portion of that becomes absolutely tiny, likely not being more than a few atoms wide as the fab processes get smaller and smaller...

It's kinda hard to control the passage of electrical current when it's that narrow, as it might just pass right thru regardless of the gate in the middle of the transistor is open or closed, or what is usually referred to as leaking.....

Now add Radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference testing to the mix, since the video card will be right next to other components within the PC, and should not cause interference with those parts in those 2 aspects, and the actual design of the architecture itself, and it becomes easy to understand why a new design takes 3~4 years to develop, and they have to do it for a specific fabrication process, a few years before that process is ready for mass production and when consumers can buy the end product...

It's a pretty big gamble, as hundreds of millions or even a few billion, might already have been spent developing it, before a single one is available for purchase by consumers...
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