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Question Fx 1000 Tyan k8W Dual Opteron Suse 9.0 AMD 64

Hi there,
I have some trouble getting my driver to work on my
Tyan Thunder dual Opteron System ( 1 CPU, 2GB ).
At first i got a unresolved fb problem. I solved this
by adding the line Load "fb" in my XF86Config file.
But now the driver crashes with signal 11
and the latest output statement of the X-Server is the Bios of
the FX 1000 NVidia Card. I have two LCD 20 (each 1600*1200 res) inch LCD screens connected to it via DVI. I am not sure, if this is a problem,
with the current driver release 4499 for AMD64.
Or maybe there is something wrong with devices /dev/nvidia*, but i checked the rw permissons and thats fine too.Or maybe
thats a driver Bug or maybe thats my Motherboard. I do not know.

I really need the Hardware 3D and the nividia adapter running on a 64 Bit System,
because i program memory intensive applications for the Film
Industrie, like 3d Apps or Fluid Dynamics Simulations, which
need the Nvidia hardware and the 64 Bit architecture.

many regards

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