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Red face Re: Did you happen to read the

Originally posted by SlyBoots
Invisible War Diaries>
they sure did macaroni of AI system
We replaced the AI system with a more sensory-based model, we wrote a new sound system to allow players and AIs to hear realistically propagated audio ect ect
and its pretty clear why Deus Ex 2 sucks so much

True confessions time - I'm not just a PC gamer. Never have been and doubt I ever will be. I've always owned every gaming platform available, always played both console and PC games. What's more, I've always wanted to work on a console game. There. I said it.
that console games have to be aimed at a younger audience than PC games and THAT forces you to make different design decisions.
Why can't kiddies go play donkey kong or whatever and let us have normal Deus Ex im so pissed at devs not gonna get my $$
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