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Default Re: Need a mac compatible router.

I realize that routers are for both formats, but there is a reason why 30 people have submitted complaints while using the two routers I was using. Also, both routers were 6 years, so it was time to upgrade. And the new router has greater range, and I've been losing signal on the other side. So I've been looking for a router for a while, and since I was losing the connection on the Macbook, so I thought to look for a router that would be more compatible. Of course, I would get ridiculed on nvnews, as always.

Also, the router hasn't come yet, so I tried the setting he had set, and it did nothing. The problem still exists. The router I chose had a review saying that it worked perfectly with his Macbook, and there were no reported problems with it on google. So I decided to spend my money on something I wanted, sue me.
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