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Default Re: Optimus on Linux - Solved...

This is an excellent idea. I have a slightly different issue, though, which I think this solution won't help: the laptop I want to use has the nvidia card driving the HDMI display and the Intel card driving the laptop display. As I understand it, this solution uses the intel driver but intercepts 3d render commands and sends them to the nvidia card, then captures the nvidia's pbuffer output and eventually sends it to the intel card for display. But the intel card can't see the HDMI display so it can't send output to it. Is that right?

Did nvidia ever explain why they don't simply modify their driver to send the pbuffer output to the intel card for display? Sure, they'd have to incorporate a small portion of the code that drives the intel GPU so as to detect the display and send output to it, but how hard could that be given that it's open source?
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