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Default Re: 173.14.30 Fix needed pronto

I haven't tried to regress the driver myself.

173.14.30 is less than three weeks old, I have to assume that all testing of unity on NV35 and earlier occurred on 173.14.28 prior to that date. That bug is two days after the release of 174.14.30.

As I understand it 173.14.28 is a release to make the driver compatible with Xorg 1.9 and 173.14.30 similarly for Xorg 1.10?

It's only bleeding edge distro's like Ubuntu that use bleeding edge X servers. There's no point releasing an update to make the driver compatible with Natty if the new driver breaks Natty in the process. No?

The largest single group of users using these cards and these drivers are using them to run Ubuntu 11.04. All the effort put into the driver update is wasted if it still doesn't work for those users.

The Ubuntu devs have closed that bug because it's a driver issue and therefore somebody else's problem. If you are certain it is not it would be helpful if you could let them know why not and point them in the right direction.
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