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Default Re: 173.14.30 Fix needed pronto

Well not the only people obviously.

I never had any trouble on CentOS....

I only converted this machine to Ubuntu about a month ago and 10.10 is running 1.9. So a cutting edge distro that is only six months old isn't running 1.10 and doesn't have any of these problems.

My point was that a huge chunk of people running 174.14.30 for compatibility with 1.10 are running Ubuntu 11.04. If the driver update doesn't give them a working accelerated desktop it was a bit of a waste of effort.

How can I help? As far as I can tell the errors I can find in my log files are of little use to you. All they did was lead me to the relevant bug reports which contained information I didn't have and fear I lack the competence to uncover.

There's one about Xalloc asking for an 'uncomfortable' amount of memory in xorg.log and another somewhere else about Compiz crashing in libnux.

I thought I had Ubuntu One sharing my log files with this laptop but I'm clearly not as smart as I thought I was in that regard so I don't have them to hand to post the exact error messages.
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