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Default Re: Goodbye Onboard NIC. Hello Killer NIC 2100.

Ok, so after playing games with this for over 3 weeks now, I can say it was a wise purchase for me.

I'm now able to download at my max speed of 1.4 MB/s and play a game at the same time. Before with my onboard NIC, the ping would be around 500ms and hit 1000ms every minute or so when I had uTorrent running. Now, I can run uTorrent and play L4D2 and my ping is about the same as if I wasn't downloading...about 70ms, usually lower when I'm not downloading, but that server was 60ms with uTorrent off.

So...UDP offloading works like a charm and games that use UDP have much lower ping when gaming. TCP ping is the same or slightly lower by 1 or 2 ms, and doesn't make a difference. That's what this card does...nothing more.
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