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Default Re: Optimus on Linux - Solved...

We tried your tutorial on an XPS 15 L502x, and there was 2D output on the laptop screen but no output on the HDMI screen. "lsmod|grep nvidia" showed it was loaded.

Isn't the lack of HDMI output to be expected though since the HDMI is attached to the nvidia card but X is sending all its display output via the intel iGPU?

Lol, we asked Dell about the HDMI and they said it was supported and pointed us at the Linux nvidia drivers. When we told them that we'd tried them and they didn't work, Dell pointed us to an nvidia FAQ page where we typed 'linux optimus' into the search box and immediately got the official reply that it isn't supported and won't be. Dell didn't even bother to try out the link! Then when we rang Dell up we had to explain what a graphics card was to their 'technical specialist'.
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