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Default Re: Some icons of Cairo-Dock look ugly (or transparency) after wake-up from suspend

Originally Posted by gar37bic View Post
I just upgraded my driver to 270.41.06, still running Ubuntu 10.04. The problem seems to have gone away. Thanks to all who participated in the fix. I think it was the new driver, because it was still a problem a few minutes ago using the old driver.
OOPS. Not so fast. Turns out it's still broken!! For some reason it seemed to be working, but this morning when I came back from suspend, it was back the same way. I will also note the following:

1. Not all icons are broken. the ones that consistently come back wrong are Firefox, Vim, Evince, and Gnome-Terminal, all in the dock section of running programs. The icons in the 'application' section (to launch new programs) are always fine, and the ones in the applet section (clock, trash, folders, etc.) are also OK.

2. The way I usually fix the icons is not to restart the dock, but to open another example of the particular program. For example, if I start another Vim instance, the icon for the running Vim instances is fixed (but NOT for the running GView instances - I have to run gview from the shell to fix that one.)
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