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Default Re: Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04: drivers v270.41.06 segfaulting on 2 graphics cards

Originally Posted by Sjeik View Post
(sorry for the long post, I'm just trying to provide you with as much information and thoughts as possible)

Hi all,

I've just upgraded my machine to Ubuntu 11.04. Unfortunately, the new nVidia driver (270.41.06) segfaults when trying to start a second X server (for XBMC) on my second graphics card.

Summarising, my setup is as follows:
- NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTS 250 (G92) at PCI:1:0:0 (GPU-0) with a Samsung SyncMaster monitor: my primary X server (regular usage, browsing, emailing, ...)
- NVIDIA GPU GeForce 8500 GT (G86) at PCI:4:0:0 (GPU-1) with a Samsung 42" TV: secondary X server (reserved for XBMC)

When starting the primary X server first, the second X server refuses to start and exits with a segmentation fault (excerpt from Xorg.1.log.old, see attachment):

However, after stopping the primary X server, the secondary X server starts happily and XBMC runs without any problems whatsoever. At that time, it is even possible to start the primary X server without getting into trouble. However, stopping and starting the secondary X server after having started the primary X server results in the same segfault.

Note that this setup was fully operational (without any glitches at all) before the upgrade - the setup consisted of a combination of Lucid and Maverick, with one of the 256.{25,35,53} drivers. Unfortunately, I can no longer use these drivers, as the X server has moved to the 10.0 ABI, which is only supported by the latest 270.41.06. Note that I've tried both the Ubuntu package (nvidia-current) and the .run-package from the nVidia website, both segfault when starting the second X server.

Looking at the Xorg.0.log file (of the primary X server), it seems that it is doing something with my secondary graphics card as well - this might confuse the second X server:

I hope this issue can be resolved soon, because XBMC is rather unusable at the moment - which is a real pity.

Can you please let us know reproduction steps and commands you are using ?
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