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Default Re: Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04: drivers v270.41.06 segfaulting on 2 graphics cards

Reproduction steps are simple:

- use computer with 2 nVidia cards (without SLI)
- first card is primary and used for desktop Xserver :0
- second card is configured manualy in xorg.conf (xorg.conf example here)
- try to start second Xserver (ex: "QT_XFT=1 xinit -- :1 -sharevts -layout Myth -br -dpms")
--> segfault

I am almost sure, that problem is not in secondary xserver config. If I try to stop first :0 server ("service gdm stop") then I am able start :1 without problem.

Tested on ubuntu 11.04 driver 270.41.06
EDIT: fixed xorg.conf url
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