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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 Delayed

I liked the changes they made from Mass Effect 1 to 2. Spent way too much time worrying about and fiddling with weapon and armor upgrades in 1 and more time enjoying myself in 2. Those enhancements are part of what made ME2 my favorite game. The dumbing down of Dragon Age 2 didn't really bother me either, although I've never been a hardcore RPG gamer. It was mainly the disconnect from the first game and the henchmen/story bugs, not the mechanics. DA2 is closer to Mass Effect in that regard, so I don't exactly see any radical changes coming for ME3.. Maybe some tweaks of the inventory and dialog wheel. I just hope it's better tested than DA2 appears to have been. That and maybe they could lay off the release day DLC, and actually include it *with* the game instead. :P
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