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Default Stuck Screen After Nvidia Driver update from 260.19.44 to 270.41.06

Running OpenSuSE 11.4, 32 bit, kernel Linux i686, KDE: 4.6.00 (4.6.0) "release 6"
Graphic card is GeForce 7200 GS

Was running fine with nvidia driver 260.19.44
I then did the proprietary nVidia driver update to 270.41.06-5.1. with Yast from repository Rebooting after that does not work correctly.
Also, I deleted the nVidia 270.41.06 driver with Yast, rebooted, installed the nVidia driver using file from Problem remained the same.

I had added nomodeset to the boot options in /boot/grub/menu.lst. In /etc/sysconfig/kernel NO-KMS-IN-INITRD = yes is set.

With driver 270.41.06, on boot GRUB goes to the login window OK. With a normal log in, the screen shows only the splash image with a thin, distorted line. At that screen, ctrl+alt+del, then down arrow key, then enter key, does a proper system halt, although nothing changes on the screen during the keystrokes.

I did a console login, became root, then ran startx -- -logverbose 6. That gave the start screen with the progress bar stuck about 75% done. I logged into the machine remotely via ssh and ran `` in the remote shell. Log file is uploaded, and hopefully available.

I can log in to failsafe KDE plasma mode, which uses 2D driver: fbdev

I have now switched the nvidia driver back to 260.19.44 the manual way, using Everything works correctly again, and uses the nvidia drivers.

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