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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Both could rehash their mid-high end parts (6870/560) to mid range parts with a shrink too, make them a 7770 and 650. Although I'd rather see true next gen parts, especially from AMD as the 6870 is already old hat with its VLIW-5 shaders. I still think even AMD will be more hasty to get a high end part out before anything else though.

It depends a lot on just how much volume can TSMC produce at 28nm also, since i remember a news article a couple of months ago where they mentioned that income from 28nm production will only represent about 3% of their profits in 2011....It's really very little since they have to convert more factories with the equipement needed to make 28nm products and that takes time and is expensive...

So we might have the similar situation as to what happened when the 40nm process became available and ATI showed the first Cypress wafers about 2 years ago, but when the cards were launched in late september, there wasn't a huge amount of them available for purchase and they sold out within a week or 2(HD 5850/HD 5870), so it's pretty obvious that TSMC wasn't cranking out a lot of them....

So with that in mind and at least initially, with 28nm wafers being relatively limited, it makes sense to devote it to a smaller and simpler GPU design so that they can crank out more good chips per wafer, rather than bring out the bigger Gpu designs right off the bat, and risk having what's basically considered a paper launch by only having a few thousand of them, and having to allocate those cards between ISV's and the cards sell out in a few days, then users have to wait weeks for the second batch to arrive....
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