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Default Re: Xorg lockup under high openGL load with newest 270.41.06 driver. ( repeatable )

Sure, I attached the binary and script as a bzip2'd tar'd folder.

Inside there is a binary called RandomMove and a script, which by default launch 10 of the RandomMove's and wait for input to quit. The RandomMove does have dependency on Qt4 openGL so that must be installed in 10.04

With 10 instances it crashes my computer about half the time, and with 4 or so it crashes probably every 1/4 of the time. ( note, my computer is a quad core i7 workstation with 6 GB of ram, so fairly fast and can keep up to this heavy of a load ).

If there is anything wrong or any questions or helpful hints I'm all ears!

(note the file was slightly too big for the attachments here so I put it on my public dropbox)
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