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Default error while installing RH 8.0

i tried installing RH 8.0. my computer hangs if i try installing in GUI mode. when i tried in linux text mode. the process was smooth till installation of packages. when it came 2 detection of video card & monitor there was a test button. i pressed & my computer freezed.
when i restarted my comp... in grub i selected redhat & i got a error msg sayying that
Error 28: selected item is larger that memory
Press any key to continue.....

i gets back 2 the loader & becomes a loop.

my comp.. config is

AMD 2200+
Asus A7N266 - VM
nvidia Geforce2 GPU
samtron 56v monitor

if i boot thro' a bootable disk it gets hanged after the screen

press i for interactive startup

i hav installed linux on hda1

wot is this prob & how do i correct it.

plz reply.

thanking u.
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