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Default Re: nvidia optimus on linux question

Originally Posted by mrn View Post
Intel has a pretty good track record when it comes to drivers. And they've said that they are not happy with the support sandy bridge had in the beginning, and promised to make sure the next generation gets a less tough start.

In the open source driver department I'd rather bet on intel than amd/nvidia. And if I can get the model I'm looking at it'll save me about 30% on the price. That's the reason. A lot of the sandy bridge setups thats coming out has the nvidia cards :/.
I disagree on the open source department. Intel has significantly worse drivers on Linux than on Windows (i tried them on many laptops and desktops since kernel 2.24). And no alternative.
AMD open source drivers are better than intel or nvidia open source drivers.
Nvidia/AMD at least have their proprietary drivers that work at approximately the same speed on Windows and Linux and have comparable (Windows has more features implemented) level of feature support.

But this switchero thing is outright unsupported (i dunno whos fault is, intel or nvidia).
My next laptop will certainly be AMD - they have some really good prices for their integrated/dedicated 42xx/5xxx cards and Turion cpus that work really well.
Not to speak about the APUs that will come. There are only low-speed versions available yet, but they work very well (tried a e-350) and if the bigger brothers will be at the same level, im sold.

Anyway its your choice. But make sure you dont pay for something you will regret.
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