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Default Re: Need a mac compatible router.

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
What would make a router incompatible with a mac?

Or to put it another way, what is it that a router must do differently to become compatible with a mac?
nothing, all modern systems use tcp/ip to communicate. The problem with thoser routers was probably the motherboards was dieing and introduced errors into the packets.
The other thing that could be going on is a protocal call Universal plug and play. This allows discovery of network devices without the need for manual configuration. Well with that said, routers, inorder to share a single publically addressable ip address that is given to your router by your ISP, to have multiple computers or devices connected to it. The router uses something called NAT(really its PAT but meh) or network address translation. well UPnP tries to set up mapping for your devices on the network. alot of older routers dont like having another device configure these mapping and will throw the device off the network, thus disconnecting it. this problem was seen with all sorts of systems, not just MAC's.
this might have been fixed with a simple firmware update. if he wants to waste his money and not fix the problem then its his waste not mine...

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