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Question nvaudio: multiple players at the same time

Dear all,

I'm running a Mandrake 9.2 on a Gigabyte 7NNXP motherboard equiped with a nforce2-400 chipset.

It works like a charme except that only one prog can accesss to the audio device at a time.

For example, if I start xmms, then xine, I wont have sound in xine. I'll have to quit xmms, quite xine and restart xine to have sound in xine. (and of course kopete will never beep if any other prog is using sound).

In the past I was using a Creative SB Live platinium that was able to play many sources at a time.

My question is:
- Is it a hardware limitation of the nforce2-400 chipset?
- Is it a driver limitation?
- Is it an alsa nforce problem?
- Is it a setup problem?

Many thanks for any advice.
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