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Default Re: [BUG] Resolution changes while running gnome-shell can lead to display corruption

I have to respond to my own bug because after further testing this bug isn't entirely resolved. Dynamic twinview and switching to one of those resolutions doesn't work. Also resolution changes for 32-bit apps in the 64-bit environment doesn't always work either and lead to display corruption as well.

Nvidia please QA your driver against gnome 3 with gnome-shell and mutter. I shouldn't have to be careful on my actions because I know that there are three easy tasks I can do that will crash the driver along with the entire system that I perform quite often.

I have a script that I use to setup dynamic twinview the way that I like so that I can watch movies on the tv, and use the computer monitor for general work.

The following is the contents of the script.

./nv-control-dpy --set-associated-dpys 0x00030000
./nv-control-dpy --assign-twinview-xinerama-info-order DFP-0,CRT-1
./nv-control-dpy --add-metamode "DFP-0: NULL, DFP-1: nvidia-auto-select"
./nv-control-dpy --add-metamode "DFP-0: NULL, DFP-1: 1024x768"
./nv-control-dpy --add-metamode "DFP-0: NULL, DFP-1: 800x600"
./nv-control-dpy --add-metamode "DFP-0: NULL, DFP-1: 640x480"
./nv-control-dpy --add-metamode "DFP-0: NULL, DFP-1: 512x384"
./nv-control-dpy --add-metamode "DFP-0: NULL, DFP-1: 320x240"
./nv-control-dpy --add-metamode "DFP-0: 1024x768+0+0, DFP-1: 1024x768+1024+0"
./nv-control-dpy --add-metamode "DFP-0: 1600x1200+0+0, DFP-1: 1360x768+1600+0"
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