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Default Re: Optimus on Linux - Solved...

Originally Posted by rockob View Post
Some feedback from my testing of this totally awesome bumblebee optimus solution on the XPS 15:

* I don't need the xorg.conf file at all in Ubuntu 11.04. X detects the intel card just fine and the secondary nvidia X server runs happily with just xorg.conf.nvidia.

* wine doesn't detect the video memory size correctly (I assume it reads the Intel card?) but I can tell it that my graphics card has 2GB of RAM using this entry in .wine/user.reg:


* I think that compiz's "Unredirect fullscreen windows" setting doesn't work, ie the framerates are similar whether you are in full screen or windowed mode, whereas it does work on another 'purely-nvidia' laptop.

* I can't configure HDMI to work as an extended desktop in Xinerama (HDMI is attached to the nvidia GPU, not the intel GPU). I can get it working using the intel/nouveau (no nvidia) combination in 2d, but not with intel/nvidia, I assume because of the libGL conflict, and not with an intel/optimus nvidia/nouveau combination.

Is there any way at all of telling X to use a different library path for each device driver in a similar way to how the optimus Xserver uses a different library path? Or could a third virtualgl server send output to the HDMI screen being driven with a driver like vesa?
Thanks for the feedback..

I myself was looking for a way to tell individual devices to use different library pathes.. but I don't think it's possible..

I think you will have more luck trying to setup vesa screen...
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