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Default Re: Official BRINK Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Seeing as they just fixed Crysis 2... I'd say 3-4 weeks to working with flashing, probably 6-8 before they actually "fix" it though. Thats ATI for you though.

Looks like this one is EPIC fail as we have console fail /fail and console port fail /fail

I'm glad Homefront turned out to be a great game even though the reviews tried really hard to make it look bad - honestly not every game has to be exactly COD or BF.

I could see this one heading there and not pulling out. Looks like I was right.
ATi has already released 11.5a to fix brink issues...CAP will most likely come out by the end of the week.

not sure how its ati's fault when the dev is too busy with the console version...
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