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Default Re: Official BRINK Feedback Thread

The bad reviews are mainly from console reviewers who played the xbox360 version. I'm not saying that their opinions aren't valid, it's just it seems like they were ready for a CoD type game not an Enemy Territory / TF2 / Mirror's Edge love child.

I've seen some pretty good reviews on the PC version so far, other than negatives about a few bugs and performance issues that are inherent with most new games.

Metacritic seems pretty mixed atm with a 6.5/10, but there is a lot of positive comments.

Eurogamer seems to be enjoying it, they gave it an 8/10 gave it an 8/10 as well.

gamrReview gave it an 8.2 out of 10.

gamerfront gave it an 88/100.

gamesradar gave the xb360 version an 8/10.

There are plenty of good reviews out there. The game has it's faults, but it's new and many are enjoying it. If you like fast paced close quarters slaughterfests with the avenue of parkour style vaulting antics at your disposal, then Brink is an awesome game IMHO.

If I wanted to play a military simulation I'd go play Arma II.

This game fills a void that I've been trying and failing to fill for a few years now. Fast paced FPS fun. I've tried Aliens vs Predator, Blacklight Tango Down, Shattered Horizon and Crysis 2 Multiplayer in my search. This game seems to have done it for me.

If Red Orchestra 2 lives up to my WW2 battlefield expectations, then I will be totally fulfilled in the multiplayer FPS department for the coming years.
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