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Default Re: Official BRINK Feedback Thread

Here's two more reviews.


7.9/10 from a console reviewer

As for that 1up review, well... It's 1up lol. A poster on the Steam Forums said it best.

That 1up review is embarrassing. Not for BRINK, but for the reviewer. He comes across as a completely clueless toolbag. I hope I NEVER wind up on that dude's team.

"Capture that post so we can get a health boost."
"Why bother. I'll just get shot at."
"Open up another route to the objective."
"Why bother. They both lead to the same place."
"Help with the objective."
"Why bother. They'll just try to kill me."
"Dude, why'd you bother buying this game?"
Here's a user commenting on the IGN review.

Straight up though, the IGN reviewer is an idiot. "I was often confused when I couldn't drop a turret only to remember I was a Soldier, a class with a different set of skills."

Not only do you have to unlock and purchase the turret, but its painfully obvious when you are NOT AN ENGINEER. The fact these people get paid to be stupid is a serious problem.
Just because IGN's console reviewer is such a burn-out that he can't remember what class he currently is, doesn't mean the game is a flop.

I mean, I get skills for each class via advancement points. I can then hotkey them to my number buttons. This is the first time the number buttons on my Razer Naga have been useful in a FPS other than for ARMA II squad management and vehicle commands. Usually in a FPS, number hotkeys are only used for switching to another weapon.
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