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Default Re: 270.41.06 driver Debian 6.01 (stable) kde splash screen freeze

Originally Posted by pcdoctor View Post
I installed driver 270.41.06 this morning. When installing driver 270.41.06, after logging in the kde splash screen freezes or never finishes loading. I never get to the linux desktop. I can hear my start up sound but that's about it.
Driver 260.19.44 works fine.
My setup:
Debian 6.01 (stable) kde
GeForce 7200GS/7300
Are you saying you installed the Debian 270.41.06 drives from Experimental?

I'm using Debian Sid and I have KDE 4.6.3 and Gnome 3 on my box. Nvidia 8600GTS and Compositing on.

Both environments work.

I have all the OpenCL and CUDA stuff for research but I'm curious which driver you installed.
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