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Default Re: nvidia optimus on linux question

Originally Posted by rockob View Post
Check out for the 'optimus on linux - solved' thread. So far it looks like works on quite a few laptops that people have tried, including my XPS 15 L502x with a GT 540M GPU - and it should, because as far as I can see it's a generic solution that should work so long as your nvidia card is supported by the current nvidia driver.

By the way, the project was renamed to from prime-ng to bumblebee so the new link to get the install files is:

Note that on the XPS 15, the HDMI port doesn't work unless you use the nouveau driver, but you can use an external HDMI monitor if you plug it into the mini displayport via a mini-displayport-to-hdmi adapter. And I find the intel graphics to be pretty good, similar or better than my old GT 8600M card (eg scrolling in Firefox is noticeably smoother). But you need to use the 3d acceleration on the nvidia card if you want to run games in wine.
That's exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you. I've heard so many mixed reports, and a lot of people discussing it seems to mix in hybrid graphics solutions. So I've been unsure if I could run on the intel chip alone if I needed to on these setups.

I'm looking at a setup very similar to yours (I'll checkout that specific model before buying in fact).

A few questions:
1. are you able to run compiz/unity relativly smoothly on the intel chip?
2. if you run compiz/unity on the intel chip, does it produce a lot of heat?/fan noise?

I'm hoping for a setup where my normal desktop enviroment will live with the nvidia card off, and I'll turn that on when I need it
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