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Default same thing, but more

this is kind of funny, ive basically done THE EXACT same thing, and have been trying to troubleshoot the same problems.
however, i have added another variable.
i edited my XF86Config-4 (right one, i checked), and changed the "nv" to "nvidia" and all that, so then i proceeded to try and install, with the same messages. now that i know the solution to the problem (installing the source rpm), i was wondering how i could do this without starting X. could you tell me the FTP of this package, and also how to install an RPM in the terminal.
how i could edit my XF86Config and change "nvidia" back to "nv" so that i could hop on the internet and download these through a browser. im somewhat new to linux, and just plain dont know the command line to edit a file like that.
any other suggestions would be appreciated!
thank you
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