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Default Re: 96.43.19 and XOrg 1.10.1

Frankly, I've already given up. I'm planning to overhaul my Media Center PC soon, and the old Linux box can have the old MCPC's mobo, video card, CPU and RAM. It's a shame tho, the box is still usable as ever even though the CPU and GPU is a bit on the slouchy side (Athlon XP 1800+ and GeForce4 440MX 8X respectively). Sure, I have a new Linux box, but the idea was to use this new one heavily for virtualization experiments, and the other one for development tasks.

The one thing I hate about the above plan is that I have to reinstall everything- It requires a new HDD since the current machine runs off rather ancient ATA-IDE hard disks and the MCPC mobo uses SATA instead, and that I need to change distro to x86_64 from x86, so using Clonezilla is a no-go.

And oh, I hope the video card works with the 270.26 drivers. It has trouble working with drivers newer than 197.45 in Windows, hence the decision to overhaul. Card is a Biostar GeForce G210.
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