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Default Re: Official Cinebench R11.5 Scores

Originally Posted by turdhat View Post
Damn, Are you curing cancer with that thing. If not you should be. Talk about a folding monster. How is overclocking when you have than many cores active ? I imagine the stress on the bus with all of the memory contollers involved makes it a bit more tricky.

Would you make a youtube of it running. I could love to see all those cores active and see the speed. Hell, I will just search for one. Probably some out there with ln2 going hehe..

Killer score. Personal rig or rendering workstation ?

Personal rig......Runs with all cores maxed out for hours thanks in part because it's water cooled, so the cores never exceed 60*C no matter what i throw at them...It's also running with 24 GB of memory with all 12 memory slots full, and going to get wilder still once the water blocks for the 3 GTX580's come in next week....
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