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Default Re: id Software's RAGE

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
What about W2 and Diablo 3 Beta/Final(Good chance!)
Never did get into any of those. In fact, never got into the whole Starcraft craze either, still don't own a copy of Starcraft II.

And honestly, I really don't game like I used to. So, I guess my "attention span" for gaming in general just isn't long enough to get hooked into multiple titles. Of all the titles I've seen advertised, promoted, and hyped- Skyrim, BF3, and Rage are the three that honestly have my interest. I don't even own Portal 2 yet. Though I'll likely pick that up on a winter sale.

As a testament to my not following those two titles you mentioned- I'm not even sure what game you're referring to with "W2". Diablo III sounds like it could be a game I'd very well enjoy... but likely I won't get it till it's on sale for cheap.

EDIT: Just occured to me that by "W2" you likely were referring to The Witcher 2? If so- haven't even played the first one. Haven't seen, ready, or heard anything about either of those games that interest me.
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