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Default Re: id Software's RAGE

i dont get it...why can i see Rage as 59USD but i cant buy it?...If this game ends up buying 90USD...they can **** off...going to import it.

How is that the digital version can cost more than the actual box version?

AU Steam price hikes are done by the game's publisher, at the request of the Australian retail distributor (either a different company or a local branch of the publisher). The intention is to bring digital prices up to where they are similar to boxed PC game prices at local retailers, and they believe that equalising the prices in this way will prevent people that presently buy at retail from switching to DD services (ie they are protecting the only market they earn revenue from).

Contrary to popular belief Steam/Valve do not set the pricing for third party published games.
Seriously this country is a bunch of assholes....
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