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Default Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - America Under Siege teaser trailer

How to make a Call of Duty game in 10 easy steps:
Step 1: Use an outdated game engine from 2005
Step 2: Insert crappy storyline about Russians and nuclear weapons
Step 3: Design a character that 12 year olds will perceive as "cool" and refer to him only by his mysterious call sign.
Step 4: Kill said character in a scripted event 2/3 way through the campaign.
Step 5: Kill key bad guy in another scripted event involving slow motion
Step 6: Add a halfbaked multiplayer mode. Make sure that there are plenty of glitches and imbalances and good places to camp.
Step 7: Profit.
Step 8: Release overpriced map pack.
Step 9: Profit some more.
Step 10: Repeat steps 1-10 until series has been sufficiently milked dry.
Can they not abuse guns really glow like that?...
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