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I have the Leadtek K7NCR18D-Pro mobo, (without onboard video) My GeForce 4 video adapter works great. My problem is random crashes. watching logs tell me nothing, looping ps ax shows no new processes. Running xmbmon while compiling pkgs shows that I never see the high side of 52 degrees C. Letting top run in an xtermshows no problems. The crashes are ramdom with a frequency of from 1 hour after boot to 28 hours. The box was formerly very stable having been up 89 days before the first crash. Loading the hell out of the box with burnK7 and burnBX running, 32 instances of gimp running with 10 meg bitmaps open in each and all the normal processes (YEAH, I WAS SWAPPING 500+ MEGS) resulted in a crash after 8 hours, hardly the shortest time. Unloading all normally used apps and letting the machine sit 98% idle resulted in crashes after 3 hours and 5 hours.My step son has the same board, the same memory module a GeForce 4 5200 instead of my 4200 but a different case. He tends to run hotter. He may see 62 degrees C when building a large package. He, until a few days after I started to have problems, was still rock solid. As of today, he is crashing without x even running we have both run memtest 86 and our memory has passed. I run the board very conservatively and he uses slightly more agressive settings. We have each spent 20 + hours trying to figure this out and we have nothing. Stopping the onboard ethernet card looked promising as his box built gcc after killing eth0 after 3 failed attempts with eth0 up. I'm trying killing services at this point. Presently netmount noip ntpd postfix samba speechd and sshd are shut down and the box is up 5 hours (about average) Does anyone have any insight here?
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