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Question Adding support for unsupported card

Hi, Linux newbie here...and I'm stuck.

I use SuSE 8.1, and have installed a MSI GeForce FX 5200 card. My distro doesn't support this card and identifies it as "unknown device". Thus, my system is currently using generic drivers which don't provide 3D support.

So, how do I go about adding support for my card? As I understand it, I need the kernel module specific to this card (my system uses linux kernel 2.4.19), but am currently unsure what this involves. Do I need to download a new kernel? Or, alternatively, could I just upgrade SaX2 in order to identify the card, and then install the NVIDIA drivers?

Any advice, tips or links would be greatly appreciated, as I have been wandering aimlessly through books,HOW-to's and forums to get a clearer idea about what steps I should be taking, to no avail (I suppose I could simply update to a new distro, but that seems a bit like overkill).

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