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Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
Cool, glad you are liking the SB Titanium HD. I have just ordered one to replace my Xf-fi Fatality xtremegamer. Just wondering, how long is the optical TOSLINK cable that is supplied with the card?
This is what I will use to connect to my Logitech Z-680 speakers. I have heard its only a foot long which would be too short. I would need about 4 -5 feet.
If you're going to be using a high end sound card you'll want to use the analog ouputs from the sound card. The reason is because the Digital to analog converters in the sound card are going to be better than what the 680 has, and it allows the sound card full control of all of the speaker as well as more mixing options. One really nice setting on creative cards is the ability to do upmixing and take a 2 channel audio track and spread it out over all of the channels. The 680s can only do stereo x2 or dolby, which means either the center channel isn't doing anything, or the back speakers seem really weak.
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