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Default Re: Desktop freeze with 270.x drivers, KDE 4 and Compiz

Originally Posted by eddieg780 View Post
I am having the same problem in Kubuntu 11.04 with a go7300 and xorg1.10. I started having problems when there was an upgrade to 270 in 10.10 with xorg1.9 and it appears to have not changed. I downgraded to 260 and all was well until the 11.04 upgrade. Driver 260.19.44 does not work with xorg 1.10 and 270.41.06 does not work with xorg1.9. As soon as the boot screen comes up and I see the nvidia splash screen then the Kubuntu screen where it starts loading everything with the icons and goes fine until it gets to the K and as soon as it starts fading in the screen freezes but it appears that the computer is booting fully. The sound plays, mouse moves and my wifi light flashes. I sure hope someone figures this out fast. My business runs on Linux. The log file shows nothing wrong.
The Ubuntu bug about this issue has a workaround, downgrade Xorg to 1.9 and nvidia drivers to 260..:

- Antero
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