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Default Re: gdm blank screen for 270 under Ubuntu Natty

Originally Posted by nlamarra View Post
Ok, I'm back to natty and have progressed somewhat. The trick to getting video seemed to be adding the BusID to xorg.conf, but then I lost it when i started to debug the HDMI output. Eventually, I got video from the HDMI but now I can't get it back on the laptop display.

Moving on to the HDMI audio -- I have not been able to activate this in Linux. All works fine in Windows (as do both laptop and HDMI display), and Windows sound configuration shows 2 devices: Realtek audio and NVidia HDMI audio -- selecting the latter provides sound from the HDMI.

However, in Linux, I don't see any such NVidia HDMI device or any audio card other than card#0, which is Intel HDA. I had a similar problem with my desktop under Maverick, but this was fixed by discovering that card1 device 3 was the NVidia (hw=1,3). In this laptop, I don't see any such NVidia device in /proc/asound or via aplay -L.

Thanks, Norm
Latest update: I have verified that NVidia works along with Realtek in Windows, and have been able to get 7.1-ch digital audio via HDMI to my receiver which also passes the video properly to Aquos TV at 1920x1080. Selection between analog, Realtek digital, or NVidia digital output is handled properly by the Sound widget in Windows, as is configuration of each output for sample rate, no. bits, no. channels. S o the hardware all works properly.

However, Linux does not see the NVidia audio device (see the aplay -L) attached. I've tried all sorts of probe_mask settings (thanks to but cannot get the NVidia audio to show up. Once I get the device to show up, I know what to do because I went through this successfully with a desktop under Maverick for a GT240 recently. But I need more help getting Linux to recognize the NVidia audio...

One other curiosity -- I "lost" the laptop display when I activated the NVidia driver (it worked under Nouveau), but then discovered that the video was working via the HDMI port (so maybe I should carry around an HDMI monitor with my laptop...). I've tried all sorts of mods to xorg.conf without success in reviving the laptop display, and this may be connected to the reason why I can't get HDMI audio from the NVidia even when I'm displaying on the external monitor. Needless to say, both displays work separately or together in Windows (which is how I got the EDID files for each display).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Norm
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