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Default XServer freezes on start using nVidia 270.xx drivers on Geforce 9300 IGP

I have a ZOTAC mini itx 9300 motherboard with integrated GeForce 9300 graphics which has worked very well on all previous nvidia drivers. However there's no joy with this latest release. On updating my Ubuntu to 11.04 I am now no longer able to boot the xserver with the nvidia driver installed. I can boot with the nouveau driver as expected. Steps to reproduce my problem on my PC:

1. Install Ubuntu 11.04 --> Boot's fine into desktop using nouveau driver.

2. Run 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current' and then 'sudo nvidia-xconfig' --> driver installs as normal and compiles kernel module.

3. Reboot with new driver isntalled --> Boot hangs at splash screen.

I have also tried installing the same driver, 270, in 10.10 to see if it is 11.04 specific, but I got exactly the same result. X fails to start.

I used ssh to log in and run nvidia-bug-report program. The script hangs but hopefully the information it provided is still enough. I am also attaching the output of demesg, which shows the panic and call trace.

Let me know what other info I can provide. Any help is appreciated!

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