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the memory is corsair and has a heat sync on it. The distro is Gentoo 1.4 stable (accept for a few packages. Yes, I compiled the kernel. Same setup for my stepson his PSU is a 400 watt and mine is a 450 each box runs a WD 80 gig drivew/8mb cache, a GeForce4 video card, and 2 cdrom drives which almost never get used. My rather quick guestimates when we built the boxes was about 350 watts. I'd more or less discount the PSU's because the crashes seem so random. Pushing the hell out of them doesn't seem to have either a positive or negative effect and in Jer's case at least, it happens without X running. Memtest86 shows no errors, burnK7 and burnBX running at the same time heat my processor to < 52 C without incident. My processor is generally sitting happily at 40 or 41 C. Of say >20 crashes over 10 days, the vast majority have come when the box is idle, sure the hdd is spun up but no seeks or swaps. Stopping the services mentioned above has me up an over average 6 hours still nowhere near a sign of success but a bit encouraging. I do have a dual fan 500 Watt supply here but I don't think it will do any good. AGP "Fast Writes" and "SideBand Addressing" are both disabled, atleast here. I actually found some minor framerate increase without them. Thanks for the input but I've been through all of this so far. I'm off to reboot and check my bios version....CRAP my floppy drive is fried!
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