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Default Re: Recommendation for Video editing/Gaming PC

Out of those two, I personally would. So far my experience has been... varied... Both have pro's and cons, but it's really hard to say without knowing what it is exactly you'd be using it for other than gaming. I know you said video editing, but some of the more professional/costly programs out there take advantage of hardware and drivers as well.

My friend was building a PC and asked pretty much the same question. I told him that he'd probably have less issues with a NVIDIA card. He's not too PC savvy, so it was perfect for him. He doesn't have to fumble around with more than one installed program to get something to work. Or wait for an application to be supported via driver update. Long story short, he had to wait on numerous occasions for me to get my drivers sorted when we decided to play something together. It's always give and take with their drivers for me. Something works, but another thing is broken.

Even though ATi's offerings are plenty fast, it's sort of stagnant right now since the 6xxx series video cards are still fairly new, iirc. The drivers really haven't been ironed out as well as they should, imo. They feel really "amateurish" for some reason. They're constantly moving and changing things around at the driver level right at the release of their new videocards and it's kind of irritating.

Right now, there's this super-annoying bug where the mouse get's "laggy" in the upper right corner of the desktop/screen. For those that play RTS games and/or use that corner of the screen to navigate on the map, or even if you go up there to close a window that's maximized, you get snagged. It's irritating to say the least. I didn't even mention the 100% desktop idle bug, either. Or the pink-hued screen some people are still having. I have personally experienced all of these (still experiencing the mouse lag issue right now).

But as I mentioned, it varies. Some people have it, and some people don't. It's really weird.

When I had my NVIDIA card, I would just install and play. With ATi, I have to wait for a driver or CAPs (Catalyst Application Profiles) update which is a pain. I want to play NOW, not next month (if I'm lucky). It's a matter of patience as well. I honestly don't see why I have to roll-back drivers, disable mouse shadows or wait a whole month for the next driver set to fix a CURRENT bug in the drivers. I never understood that. They seriously need to get it together. They've released hotfix drivers, but it's getting really old, very fast for me. I spend more time messing with drivers and what not instead of being productive.

In the end, the only thing I like about ATi right now is the wattage consumption and how quiet they are. They also idle very, very cool. My 5770 is sitting at 27c right now. When my sister's boyfriend brought his PC over, I could hear the damn GTX 580 fan in the next room. Sounded like a freakin' minivac, LOL. If I had to use that for video editing or playing games, it would be pretty damn distracting to me. The 560 Ti should be fine though.

ATi's EyeFinity is nice... when it works. I remember I had to give it up since their only solution was to raise the idle clocks to keep the second monitor from flickering. Seriously. What was the freaking point of that? Their display overlay is broken right now as well.

I know it sound like I'm ripping on ATi right now, but my experience with them has been a big unnecessary headache. I would gladly take a NVIDIA card right now, but I just don't have the money. It was very cost-effective to go with the faster and cheaper card for the price range at the time, but in hindsight I should have waited.
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