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Default Re: Recommendation for Video editing/Gaming PC

cuda is way more popular when it comes to video editing, u can see a lot of compression programs have the cuda check box to use...i personally don't have any experience with might be alot faster...but i noticed ure going for the z68 series mobo...don't those have some special intel thing to help with video compression?

when it comes to gaming..i think both ati and nvidia are trading off small blows here and there...ati tends to be a bit cheaper, but nvidia does have phyx/cuda and none of ati features have eva really taken off....i mean eva...

there is not a single game out there that really takes ati's features to the next level....but do remember phyx comes at a performance cost...but most games from the ut3 engine run blazing fast..if it runs like ****...then its not ure card..its the dev.

i went with ati because for price/perfermance it was good, along with the heat and mine came with a sapphire customer cooler and o/c and it was still cheaper to its counterpart from nvidia with stock...and nvidia stock coolers are...god...just dont buy it stock. lol.

also with memory...go with the max u can support...memory timing is pointless...and the more you have the better it is..and belive me i did some ae editing...having that 8gb of ram vs massssssssssssssive difference...the more the better!...get a quality brand...but stick to the standards...none of this o/c bull****...and don't be premium for amazing timing ones...totally and utterly useless...other than benchmarks at 640x480...

to the guy above me complaining about CAP drivers...i think ure just pulling pointless garbage...most of these games nvidia have their amazing logo stuck to it...ati doesn't even get a chance to play with the game/optimze the drivers...and the ati drivers have been top notch for me...yea they have some minor issues...but so does nvidia...i've been out of the nvidia bus for awhile now...but they release drivers left and right...and it was just quality over quantity.....i do how eva agree that ati drivers need to step up because the hardware it self is quality and the drivers are letting them down...but for me...personally i have not had much issues with the drivers...i just wish there was ATi logo in games instead of nvidia and more ati features....maybe next dx can help unify the features...
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