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Post [GeForce GTS 450] Permanently full fan speed under Ubuntu 10.10


I hope that I found the right forum for my case.
My problem is the following:
Right from the boot of my system the GPU-fan runs at full speed although the NVidia config tool tells me that it would run for example at 17%.
The fan running at full speed is very noisy.
The fan speed seems to stay the same the whole time according to the noise it produces.
Its temperature varies between about 30 C in idle mode and 45 C under full load.
So I would like the fan to slow down as it is displayed in the config tool.

My System
Intel T4500 2x 2,20 GHz
500 GB HDD
GeForce GTS 450

First I tried the Ubuntu 10.10 default restricted driver
which had version 260.19.06.
Recently I tried the latest driver version from the NVidia website (270.41.06).
But both versions seem to keep the fan at 100% speed.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Best wishes
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